The aluminum containers of the 2XL- | 3XL-B - series from Auguste Cryogenics Medical Family are cryogenic freezer containers for long-term storage of biogenic material in liquid nitrogen - with many possible uses in laboratory and technology.

The containers of the Auguste Cryogenics Medical Family stand out off through:

• High portability thanks to its low weight and compact dimensions
• Long holding times, resulting in high economic efficiency
• large storage capacity

The vacuum-insulated aluminum containers of the Medical Family are thus ideally suited for use in medical institutes, biological laboratories, artificial insemination institutes and pharmaceutical facilities. Various containers from the Auguste Cryogenics Medical Family are transportable and have ADR approval.

With the AC Medical Family, Auguste Cryogenics presents its new product line vacuum-insulated aluminum container for transport and storage of nitrogen-cooled material. The products of this group were made for long holding times with the lowest possible nitrogen consumption. Static holding times from three weeks to over half a year are depending on Design and equipment possible.

The containers of the AC Medical Family can be used in many ways - at insemination as well as in the medical and pharmaceutical field and for various industrial processes. Depending on the purpose and requirements biological material can be stored in the liquid or gas phase of the containers are stored.

The containers of the 2XL and 3XL-B models differ primarily due to their different neck diameters of 125 and 216 mm. you are primarily for the systematic storage of large quantities of biological material Material provided, the boxes in the stainless steel racks in the nitrogen liquid phase are cooled.

The AC 3XL is only the white container - no interior. The AC 3XL-B is equipped with 6 racks.

LN2 capacity (liters): 65
Empty weight (kg): 38,3
Neck opening (mm): 216
Outside diameter (mm): 681
Total height (mm): 729
Static evaporation rate (liters/day): 0,89
Static hold time (days): 73


LN2 capacity (liters): 95
Empty weight (kg): 41,3
Neck opening (mm): 216
Outside diameter (mm): 681
Total height (mm): 774
Static evaporation rate (liters/day): 0,97
Static hold time (days): 98


LN2 capacity (liters): 115
Empty weight (kg): 42,3
Neck opening (mm): 216
Outside diameter (mm): 681
Total height (mm): 846
Static evaporation rate (liters/day): 0,94
Static hold time (days): 122


LN2 capacity (liters): 145
Empty weight (kg): 48,9
Neck opening (mm): 216
Outside diameter (mm): 681
Total height (mm): 973
Static evaporation rate (liters/day): 0,96
Static hold time (days): 151


LN2 capacity (liters): 175
Empty weight (kg): 53,8
Neck opening (mm): 216
Outside diameter (mm): 681
Total height (mm): 1078
Static evaporation rate (liters/day): 0,95
Static hold time (days): 184