Choosing The Right Cryogenic Cell Storage

by Cryonos Project on December 01, 2021

The term Cryogenic refers to the study and usage of low-temperature phenomena. On the other hand, Cryogenic storage refers to the storage of Cryogenic liquids. Cryogenic liquids are extremely cold with boiling points below -150 degrees Celsius. Cryogenic storage is useful in storing specimens such as Bone, Sperm, Eggs, Stem cells, and more. 

Storage of food, metals and other materials also looks towards using cryogenic storage. However, the thought of what goes into choosing the right cryogenic storage comes into mind. To understand this, it is crucial to know about the following pointers:


What Are The Available Methods?

Currently, for storing samples, there are two available types of equipment. The first is a mechanical/cryogenic freezer. This freezer works like a refrigerator to help keep the specimen cool. The other available equipment is an LN2 storage tank. This maintains temperature with the help of a vacuum insulated tank along with liquid nitrogen. 


Under LN2 storage comes in a variety of forms. Some of the types of LN2 storage are:

  1. Controlled-rate cryogenic freezers: Consists of liquid nitrogen injection rings and air-handling systems to help keep control temperatures and maintain uniformity.
  2. LN2 transfer vessels: This is used for tiny amounts of liquid nitrogen and can be fitted with the help of self-pressurized withdrawal devices.
  3. Benchtop LN2 containers: This flask that looks like a thermos has proper ventilation through its lid. Handles to help carry the container, and bases that are rubber cushioned.
  4. LN2 supply tanks: These are high-pressure stainless steel containers that have holding times ranging from 2 weeks to 125 days.


While there are several more forms available, what form and type to choose is completely dependent on the customer’s needs.


How Do I Go About Choosing The Right Storage?


LN2 Storage

This storage comes in handy for quite a few tasks:

  1. For starters, if you are looking at transporting and freezing food items, this type of storage can be highly helpful.
  2. LN2 storage is also helpful for cryopreservation of biological samples. If you need to preserve specimens such as eggs, sperm, or animal genetic samples then this is the ideal type of storage.
  3. If any of your material needs to be stored efficiently over an extended period, LN2 storage is the way to go for you.

Cryogenic Freezing

  1. If you are looking at immersing or spraying the desired material directly with Liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide, then cryogenic freezing is for you.
  2. If your products fall under IQF (Individual quick frozen) products for example frozen peas, pre-cut French fries, etc, then cryogenic freezing comes in handy. Any product that requires every individual piece to be frozen and stored goes well with this type of freezing.

Mechanical Freezing

  1. If you are looking at an efficient and cost-effective solution over a long-term period, then this type of freezer is ideal.
  2. If your production is in high volumes and is both in the form of raw and finished goods. Then a mechanical freezer is a good choice.

While we have covered the basics of what goes behind the types of cryogenic storage cells, it is advisable to first understand what your requirements are. Every requirement is followed by a type of storage and looking at it from a long-term sustainability point of view. 


At Cryonos we not only offer you a variety of options, but also advice on what products are best for you. With the help of our product finder feature, our website will guide you towards choosing the perfect product for your use.

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