Cryo On The Go, Learn About Cell Transportation

by Cryonos Project on November 16, 2021

Can cryogenic material move from one location to the next without losing its qualities? Furthermore, is it possible to do it at a domestic level without talking about a truck with a massive tube behind it? Well, the good news is that cryo technology came a long way, and now, what once was science fiction, is an everyday reality.


All you need to know about cryo on the go is just some paragraphs away.

The Vessels

To begin with, cryogenic technology requires special vessels that can withstand low temperatures. In this sense, a tank that can reach temperatures low enough to carry liquefied gas being small enough for manual transportation is nothing short of science fiction.


These vessels can be thought of as miniature-size tubes that are powerful enough to isolate the material inside. With this in mind, engineers designed these vessels for either low-pressure applications such as cryogenic filling and liquid dispensing or high-pressure gas distribution.


Road-friendly cylinders construction is 100% top-grade stainless steel covering the inside as well as the outside. On top of that, the super insulation and vacuum technology make them sturdy and secure on the road. Plus, they should comply with EU regulations 2010/35/EU.


Cryo transporting vessels are an integral part of the gas supply chain in medical, research, and food applications.

The Technology

To comply with European regulations, vessels need to be safe to transport. In this sense, the go-to option for cell transportation should have an automatic pressure-building circuit. Also, gas overflow needs to be properly handled, and thus, authorized vessels should have an integrated economizer circuit as well.


These safety measures are technology applied to conserve gas in periods of low demand and speed pressure build-up during demand peaks.


Cryogenic technology has not only managed to transform air into a liquid; it can also deal with any vicissitudes on the road, and make it comfortable and practical to move liquefied gas around. Cryo on the go is not only a reality but a safe, reliable one.


Liquid Cylinders & Dry Shippers

Liquid cylinders using the above technology are enough to transport liquid nitrogen, for example. These vessels can maintain cryo material in a cryogenic state for a journey and even for storage under the right conditions.


Dry shippers, on the other hand, feature a special material that completely absorbs nitrogen. This means that, whenever you hit the road with a dry shipper, you don’t have any liquid moving inside the vessel, but nitrogen will be solid. This transforms it into a much safer package to move with. Furthermore, you can move with it on an airplane, train, or car without the risks of spilling.


Of course, each of these dry vessels needs to be compliant with European Union’s Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, appendix IX.


Cryo technology for the road seemed science fiction just a handful of years ago. Nevertheless, companies that represent the sharpest edge of technology are making it an everyday reality. Furthermore, they offer enough safety measures for you to be at ease that no unfortunate accident will happen on the road.


Remember that cryogenic technology is a very serious matter. Being in touch with cryogenic material is highly dangerous. Thus, acquiring transportation services and vessels from top-notch sources is the perfect way to ensure secure transportation of cryo material.


The world of tomorrow has already started. Trust companies like Cryonos for your cryogenic endeavors and don’t let anything get in the way of your dreams. Cryo on the go is a reality, work with the best, and reach your destination safe and sound.

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