10 Fascinating Facts About Cryogenic Products

by Cryonos Project on January 25, 2022
cryogenic products

When you think of the word ‘Cryogenic’, your mind ultimately goes to Cryogenic vessels and equipment in general. Of course, they are integral parts that run any industry and economy. But here we are going to talk about Cryogenic products as a whole. 

Within Cryogenic products, you will find tanks, cell storage, safety equipment, accessories, and more. It is fascinating- the role such Cryogenic products play, especially in factories, and the oil industry. 

So, we have brought for you the 10 fascinating facts about Cryogenic products. 

  1. Easier to Transport Material

 Cryogenic Cell Storage or containers allows biogenic material to remain in good condition in liquid nitrogen. It has become easier to transport the material and comes of many uses in laboratories and technological research rooms with these Cryogenic containers.

 If you are interested in buying such Cryogenic containers, we recommend Cell Storage from  Auguste Cryogenics. The cell storage container ensures the lowest possible nitrogen consumption, so you don't have to worry. It has a reasonable piece, offers multiple uses, and is available in other sizes too. 


  1. Support Multiple Industries:

 A Cryogenic Tank - which is one of the products - satisfies the preservation requirements of multiple industries. You will see these tanks used in livestock breeding, medical, pharmaceutical, and various industrial applications such as food processing or cryo-tempering.

Cryogenic Tanks are created with specific quality control standards in mind, and particular tests performed at key stages of the manufacturing process. 


  1. Reaching Pressure Relief Valve Setting:

Its holding time determines the strength of the Cryogenic tank. Holding time refers to the period it takes for the pressure to reach the pressure relief valve setting. 

The reason behind the rise is pressure is subject to heat in-leak. The longer the holding time of the tank, the more superior it is. 


  1. What do Cryogenic Vessels contain? 

Cryogenic vessels that you will often see on the streets, carried on the back of a truck usually contain liquified gasses.

These vessels store liquids such as Nitrogen (LIN), Oxygen (LOX), Argon (LAr), and natural gas (LNG).


  1. Stable Temperature Maintained Inside: 

The Cryogenic tank has to maintain the content in extreme and rapid changes in temperatures outside. 

This means that even though the outside of the tank may reach a temperature that is not ideal, the inside of the container must remain within stable temperatures.

  1. Stringent Conditions:

Before a cryogenic product is ready for use, it has to meet different international and third-party inspection measures during the design and manufacturing process. 


  1. Containing Liquid Instead of Gas:

Cryogenic products contain cryogenic liquids inside. These liquids turn gaseous under normal temperatures. These gasses are cooled to a temperature to enable storage and transport. 


  1. Varied Sizes of Cryogenic Products Meeting Distinct Demands:

Cryogenic products are available in various sizes and models. Take, for example, a Nitrogen Storage container is available in model series such as AC LIN and AC Liquid Cylinder. The variation in sizes and models is to meet different arising demands. 


  1. Safety Measures are Essential:

While using any Cryogenic product, safety measures must be the top priority. That is why regular checks and maintenance along with using suitable safety equipment becomes necessary. 


  1. Meeting Requirements of Different Industries:

Every different industry such as livestock breeding, medical, oil, technology, and more calls for specific Cryogenic products. These requirements should be met by the manufacturers with special technical care and attention to detail. 

These were some of the fascinating facts about Cryogenic products. If you are looking to buy a Cryogenic product for personal use or your professional needs, then we recommend Cryonos's online store. 

We stumbled upon it while researching products and we found this store to have all the equipment that anyone can need at a reasonable price.

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