Cryogenic Storage: A Game-Changer In The Medical Industry

by Cryonos Project on July 08, 2022
Cryogenic Storage: A Game-Changer In The Medical Industry

Cryogenic storage equipment has played a vital role in the modern revolution of the medical industry. These may be featured in a variety of applications, from biomedical research to surgical procedures. Mostly, cryogenic storage equipment such as cryogenic tanks or coolers contains cryogenic liquids such as oxygen and nitrogen inside.

Due to their quick freezing times and capacity to prevent the production of ice crystals in biological materials, cryogenic liquids are an ideal method of preservation. Let’s learn more about the advantages of cryogenic storage and how it has become a game-changer in the medical industry.

Usage Of Cryogenic Storage In The Medical Industry

A cryogenic temperature of roughly -150°C must be attained or sustained in applications like the production and transportation of liquefied natural gas. Cryogenic storage products help achieve or maintain this temperature.

For instance, for the quick freezing of vaccines such as COVID-19 and the preservation of biological materials including human blood, tissue, and embryos, cryogenic refrigerators and freezers are utilized.

Demand For Cryogenic Storage Rising In The Face Of Chronic Diseases

Now that medicine, surgery, and procedures to save life have improved significantly, patients suffering from chronic diseases have new hope for survival and can lead a healthy life once again. One of the key reasons why such life-saving procedures are successful or even work in the first place nowadays is because of cryogenic storage.

The rising demand for regenerative medicine due to the rising number of patients with chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes, spinal cord injury, renal failure, etc., will have a strong influence on the need for cryogenic storage of cord blood and stem cells.

Without storage equipment for cryogenic liquids, a majority of operations and health-related surgical methods to save a life or treat a patient would not have been possible.

Impact Of Covid-19 On Cryogenic Storage In The Medical Industry

COVID-19 has led to an increase in demand for cryogenic storage equipment from dealers such as Cyronos. This positive increase in sales can be attributed to the COVID-19 and the growing demand for vaccination. There is a need for cryogenic storage equipment for safely storing and delivering vaccines to various locations.

The reason behind that is that cryogenic storage equipment can be used to achieve the sub-zero storage and shipping conditions that vaccine developers from around the world request. This keeps the vaccines in usable conditions and helps vaccination drives around the world run smoothly.

The Medical Industry Benefits From Cryogenic Freezers

Cryogenic freezers are just another type of cryogenic storage equipment. They recently recorded a surge in demand, mainly from the medical industry players in the market. Even reports and word of mouth of cryogenic storage salespersons point to a positive note. As a result, this demand will remain for the upcoming months.

This is due to the increased demand for drugs as well as medication development and research from academic institutions and pharmaceutical firms.

 In addition, the need for blood transfusions is rising due to the prevalence of chronic conditions including cancer, heart disease, and infectious diseases. This will push the market for cryogenic medical freezers.

If you are someone employed in the medical industry looking for the best cryogenic storage facilities and equipment in the market, then look no further than Cyronos. They have been a key supplier of cryogenic storage for decades and have licensing and certifications from major organizations. Hence, the affordability and safety of these products are both guaranteed.

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