How To Manage Your Cryogenic Storage?

by Cryonos Project on December 28, 2021

Managing cryogenic storage properly is critical in a cryogenic scenario. This is because you’ll be working with elements that burn just as much as hot lava but in a cold manner. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful and try to be exposed to that hostile environment in the shortest time possible.


Thus, a well-managed and maintained cryogenic storage can be a game-changer. You will no longer have to spend time looking for the needed sample. Instead, you can just walk in and out of the cryogenic room as fast as humanly possible. In the same vein, vacuum-isolated tanks will be open very briefly.

So, read on as we unveil the best ways to manage cryogenic storage successfully.

Cryogenic Storage Methods

To begin with, let’s take a look at the existing methods for storing your cryogenic samples. Then, we will talk about the best place to acquire them.

Cryogenic Vials

Cryogenic vials are an integral part of cryogenic storage. These are used in the gas phase of the liquid nitrogen and feature a screw cap with a silicone washer. Thus, the seal is 100% secure. In the same vein, the star-shaped upright design on the bottom of the tubes allows vials to stand by themselves.


In case you didn’t know, dry ice blocks and buckets can store hot and cold items. Thus, if you need to store a rack full of samples, you can simply arrange the cryovials among the dry ice. In the same vein, in the case you are transporting them; you can also use the dry ice for that endeavor.

Cardboard Freezer Boxes

A moisture-repelling coating preserves these boxes from the liquid nitrogen and condensation, these are the unsung heroes of cryogenic storage. Made of sturdy cardboard, these boxes feature gridded inserts; hence, they can hold vials and tubes. Plus, their size and design usually fit in most freezers.

Polypropylene Freezer Boxes

Polypropylene boxes not only add the color factor to any freezer but can also be the best solution to manage your storage. Indeed, they feature numbered tube wells, are autoclavable for sterilization, and even come with a hinged grid. Furthermore, they can withstand the extreme temperatures needed in the cryogenic world.

Stainless Steel Freezer Racks

Equipped with security locks and made of corrosion-resistant steel, these racks can survive the extreme temperatures of any cryogenic freezer. Moreover, they usually feature handles on both sides to accommodate all freezer types. Finally, they can be labeled for ease of use and long-term storage.

Methods and Management

These storage methods work wonders in most settings. For example, the cryo boxes sold by the Cryonos Shop can withstand temperatures from -190° C up to 121° C. This can be translated into an all-terrain box with a grid where all the cryo samples can be inventoried and stored regardless of the scenario.

Moreover, it comes in 3 shapes to store vials of 1,2 to 2ml, 3 to 5 ml, and vials in 1/4 format. In the same vein, they come in two different configurations: 9x9 and 10x10. Since every space in the box’s grid can be labeled, the time you spend looking for the desired sample is drastically reduced.

If that time is reduced, so is the hazard of being exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods.


Cryogenic technology has helped science take huge leaps and holds the key for the health of the future. In this sense, having tools to better organize your inventory can turn out to be a game-changer protecting scientists and the degradation of the material. 

Contact Cryonos Shop today and request a quote for your gridded box.

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