How To Store Cell Lines For Cell-Based Therapies?

by Cryonos Project on December 22, 2021

Since cell lines have revolutionized scientific research ever since they appeared. They help drug testing, vaccine production, antibody production, metabolism and cytotoxicity examination, the study of gene function, the synthesis of biological compounds, and the generation of artificial tissues.

Although they are a strong & bold step forward for the scientific community. This technology does need some precautions. In this vein, storage is critical for success. Read on as we go through the best storage methods for this life-saving technology.

Cryogenic Vessels

The scientific community is unanimous in this regard: cells need cryogenic treatment to remain usable. In this vein, dropping their temperature to enter into a cryogenic state is a process that requires an investment. Although it is feasible in almost every corner of the planet, technology is still expensive.

But that is not the biggest obstacle the industry is facing today. One thing is to freeze the cells to reach a cryogenic state and a very different one is storing them that way. Indeed, what scientists need in that regard is a facility that can contain the cells cryogenically for long periods. At least, until they can find the use for their scientific purpose.

Moreover, this facility needs to be versatile enough to allow the use of cells as well as their storage. In other words, it needs to be within a laboratory where testing is held. This is because every transportation method for cryogenic material requires cryogenic vessels making the process more expensive.

A Bottleneck For The Industry

Nowadays, the entire scientific community is aware of the benefits of working with cell lines. Thus, an increasing number of tests are being carried on in different laboratories in the world simultaneously. This is great news for science and for humankind since it can translate into better treatments for known ailments.

Although that is the case, the other side of the same coin is the shortage of such facilities. Since demand has grown exponentially in the past years, the biggest companies dedicated to these endeavors are struggling to meet demand.

This phenomenon created a bottleneck for experts. Although they are moving forward in research, they lack the material to work with due to restrictions in their labs and facilities. 

Meet Auguste Cryogenics And Cryonos Shop

Auguste Cryogenics is a cutting-edge cryogenic vessel company that can change the equation for the science community today. Indeed, the aluminum vessels (available in L, XL, XL+, and 2XL) are designed specifically for the long-term storage of cells and other biologic material.

These containers suspend the material in liquid nitrogen. Thus, they are highly reliable and utterly practical. Speaking of which, their shape and low weight make them great for transportation as well as storage. In the same vein, since they offer long storage times, they are great for economic efficiency.

Furthermore, they have been optimized for the lowest possible nitrogen consumption. In other words, they are ideal for the long-term storage of cells in a cryogenic environment. Finally, these vessels can hold a large number of cryo-tubes inside and are proud carriers of the ADR approval.


The cryogenic industry is the last medical frontier and, for many experts, the medicine of the future. Like everything regarding the future, it starts in the present. Moreover, it is cutting-edge companies like Auguste Cryogenics and Cryonos Shop that work relentlessly for better times.

Hopefully, these companies among many others in the world can help solve the bottleneck happening in the industry right now. If you want the best, most reliable, modern, and sturdy vessel to store your cryogenic material at, contact Cryonos Shop today.

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