Useful Cryogenic Accessories That Will Come In Handy

by Cryonos Project on December 02, 2021

When ordering your cryogenic products, don’t forget about the cryogenic accessories that can make operating, transporting, storing your liquid cryogens, etc. easier. Here is a look at some cryogenic accessories that can come in useful across various applications.


Cryogenic Phase Separator

Phase separators reduce pressure in your cryogenic transfer lines and prevent something called flashing. Flashing occurs when you depressurize liquid suddenly. In the process, the liquid vaporizes violently, the gas blocks the liquid lines, and the cryogenic process can come to a stop.

Most cryogenic applications work at low pressure, but storage tanks tend to be set at pressures too high for application. So, when the pressure falls in these tanks, the boiling temperature of the liquid drops suddenly, leading to flashing.

This is where phase separators come in. Moreover, a phase separator placed close to the application will reduce the pressure and remove any gas present after expansion. So, it will help to deliver 100 percent liquid at boiling temperature. Phase separators come in various sizes to fit the connection size in the application.

Cryogenic Bases And Trolleys For Transport

Roller bases and square bases are useful for transporting your portable cryogenic liquid storage tanks. While stainless steel roller bases help to transfer large volumes of cryogenic liquid into the room. Square bases provide alternatives on which you can safely transport one or more cylinders or vessels with casters.

However, trolleys are more suitable for transporting liquid cylinders that don’t have casters. So, the trolleys and buses are designed with high-quality stainless steel suitable for the usual industrial applications.

Cryogenic Transfer Hoses

Transfer hoses are valuable for the safe transfer of liquid cryogens like liquid nitrogen, liquid helium, liquid oxygen, and liquid argon. However, some special hoses are designed for cryogenic liquid gases with a low heat of vaporization. These hoses may be flexible vacuum-seal siphon systems suitable for liquid helium transfers. So, these hoses make for good instrumentation accessories.

You’ll also find standard flexible transfer hoses for use with portable cylinders storing liquid nitrogen, oxygen, and argon. These hoses don’t typically need insulation.

The materials used in cryogenic transfer hoses are safe and efficiently used in laboratories, industries, and other applications. The interiors and exteriors of these hoses are made such that the hoses are efficient and safe for liquid cryogen transfers in various applications.

Automatic Filling Units

Automatic filling units check the levels of liquids to fill cryogenic storage tanks and vessels. Units like the AC CryoFill can fit on any type and brand of the tank, either inside a cabinet-type vessel or on a storage vessel. The CryoFill is a handy, multifunctional, modern device that replaces complicated systems of sensors, solenoids, and controllers. It is useful for 4-point level sensing and pressure differential measurement.

Level Detection Units

Liquid nitrogen level detection units like AC CryoLow can fit on a cryogenic vessel as a sensor with an alarm. You can set the height of the sensor to mark the minimum level of liquid nitrogen required in the tank. When the sensor doesn’t detect liquid nitrogen, the LED turns on along with an automatic alarm system. The CryoLow uses a Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) sensor to detect liquid levels.

Safety Valves

Cryogenic safety valves are available in various sizes, suitable for high-pressure applications. They are essential for controlling the pressure and keeping to high safety standards. The best manufacturers of cryogenic safety valves test each unit individually to ensure the highest quality, to protect life and the environment.

Frame Cases For Dry Shippers

Frame cases for dry shippers can carry and transport a variety of materials at cryogenic temperatures. The shipping cases help to maintain temperature throughout the vessel’s journey at optimal levels. Aluminum is a popular material for frame cases for its durability and lightweight.

Final Thoughts

You should be able to find the cryogenic accessories you need right where you shop for your cryogenic products. A one-stop shop for all your cryogenic needs will make shopping hassle-free, so you can focus on the application and other important processes.

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