AC Roler Base

The roler base for the AC Medical Family is specifically designed to facilitate the transport of aluminum sample storage containers or liquid nitrogen storage and transport containers. The stable ...


AC Trolley for Liquid Cylinder series

for vessels without castors


AC Square Base

Stainless steel version with small, hard wheels Ipsen.  Suitable for all AC Liquid Cylinders with castors.


Aluminum frame case for Dry Shipper series

#All The aluminum frame case for dryshippers is the ideal solution for safely transporting samples or biological material in a dryshipper. It is indispensable when it comes to safely shipping sampl...


AC Liquid Withdrawal Device for AC LIN series

The vessels of the Auguste Cryogenics Medical Family LIN Series can optionally beequipped with the AC Liquid Withdrawal Device (LWD). The LWD allows for the easywithdrawal of liquid nitrogen under ...


AC KF50+ KF 50 Flansch

AC KF50+ KF 50 flange with included stainless steel sealing ring for connecting a withdrawal device including rubber sealing ring. 50mm neck diameter.


AC Phase separator

Phase separator, large. Diameter: 33 mm. Length: 65 mm.


Phase Separator Small

Phase separator small, connection 3/8"- 32 x 12.7 mm


AC Transfer hose 1,2m

DN 10EN12434PN40-196°CPT60


AC Transfer hose 1,8m

DN 10EN12434PN40-196°CPT60


Cryogenic Hose

3/4'' - 16 UNF internal thread in the form of a union nut, 3/8" NPT external thread. or 2x  3/4'' - 16 UNF internal thread in the form of a union nut,    Customs tariff number: 84811099


Vacuum insulated transfer hose

Vacuum insulated corrugated hose DN10/25Double hose line DN 10/DN 25 1.4404, length: 1.800 - 3,000 mmInner hose DN 10 x 3,000 mm with 1-fold braiding 1.4301 highly flexible designConnections: flare...


Cryo Level Gage C-Stic SGB

The C-Stic SGB is a very robust Level Gauge suited for cold stored liquefied gases like nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. It provides an easy to mount, accurate and reliabl...


Tinytag Data Logger for Dry Shipper series

Tinytag Data Logger for Dry Shipper CR-0100• Ultra-low temperature data logger• -196°C nitrogen dry vapour applications• 252mm probe length• Digital display• Visual alarm warnings during transit Ti...


AC Cryolow - liquid nitrogen level detection

Low liquid nitrogen level detectionThe CryoLow is a standalone device that can be installed on a (small) cryogenic vessel. The CryoLow has a NTC sensor for liquid nitrogen detection. In case the Cr...


AC CryoFill 2.0

The CryoFill 2.0 is the next generation liquid nitrogen level controller with a number of improved and new features. The CryoFill 2.0 is Medical Device Regulation (MDR) (EU) 2017/745 compliant. As ...


AC Level measuring ruler 100, 100cm

The AC level measuring ruler is a practical tool for accurately measuring the level in containers. The measuring stick has a dual scale function in both centimeters and inches. It is made of robust...


AC Rubber Wheel 125mm

AC Rubber Wheel 125mm for AC Liquid Cylinder #WITHBRAKE Rubber wheel with brake Wheel diameter 125mm Housing made of stainless steel Directional swivel wheel with total brake in the rear part ...


Aluminum vials holder

Aluminum vials holderPU: 50 pieces for 300 vial    


AC Multi Port LWD Bundle

AC Multi Port with double withdrawal for Liquid Cylinder.   Including:   Connector flange with 6x thread hole 3/8" 2 pcs ball valves  2 pcs flared nipple straight connection coupling 37° 1 pc redu...


AC Multi Port

AC Multi Port, AC multi port connection 6 * G3 / 8


Safety Valve

Safety valve, 1.5 bar, 22 PSI or 6,8bar, 100 PSI


Flare nipple for spindle valve

Flare nipple for spindle valve, CGA 295, vent / liquid 3 / 4-16 UNF - 3/8 "made of brass or Flare nipple for spindle valve, CGA 295, vent / liquid 3 / 4-16 UNF - 3/8 "made of stainless steel or ...


Tower for cryoboxes grid 5x5

Tower for cryoboxes grid 5x5 (single floor security)13th levels for storing 2ml vials in 5x5 boxes.   13 floors Aluminum 1 mm Locking by means of spring retainer, "snap lock" on each floor Handle ...


Tower for cryoboxes grid 10x10

Tower for cryoboxes grid 10x10, (single floor security)13th levels for storage of 2ml vials in 10x10 boxes. 13 floors Aluminum 1 mm Locking by means of spring retainer, "snap lock" on each floor H...


Software pack for Tinytag Data Logger

Explorer software is required to read out the data recorded with a data logger with a USB connection.  The software is provided with a license that allows an unlimited number of users per location....