AC Roler Base

Rolling base - 5 rolls for safe movement of the series AC L


SMALL - up to 35 Liter vessels


MEDIUM - from 35 Liter up to 50 Liter vessels


LARGE - from 65 Liter up to 175 Liter vessels


AC Trolley for Liquid Cylinders

for vessels without castors


AC Square Base

Stainless steel version with small, hard
wheels Ipsen. 

Suitable for all AC Liquid Cylinders with


Aluminum frame case for Dry Shipper


Aluminum frame case for Dryshipper AC
Weight empty 5,9kg
outer dimensions 325 mm x 325 mm x
605 mm


Aluminum frame case for Dryshipper AC
Weight empty 11,2kg
outer dimensions: 400 mm x 400 mm x
620 mm



Aluminum frame case for Dryshipper AC
DS10 & AC DS12
empty weight 12 kg
outer dimensions 400x400x740mm



Aluminum frame case for Dryshipper AC
Empty weight approx. 14.0 kg
External dimensions approx. 500 x 500 x
700mm (LxWxH)



Aluminum frame case for Dryshipper AC


AC Liquid Withdrawal Device for AC LIN

The vessels of the Auguste Cryogenics Medical Family LIN Series can optionally beequipped with the AC Liquid Withdrawal Device (LWD). The LWD allows for the easywithdrawal of liquid nitrogen under pressure from the AC Medical Family LIN contain-ers. The device is attached directly to the dewar flange.

Flow rates of up to 4 liters per minute are possible at a working pressure of up to 0.5bar. The liquid can be withdrawn directly from LWD spout assembly or with a standardcryogenic hose that is connected to the liquid valve.

The dewar can be filled while the LWD is installed. With this filling method, the liquidis filled into the dewar by means of a slight overpressure through the LWD, wherebythe pressure in the dewar can be kept sufficient for subsequent liquid withdrawal bychoking at the vent valve.

For more information on the AC Liquid Withdrawal Device please contact us.

Price including installation on new container.


Assembly Video:



AC KF50+ KF 50 Flansch

AC KF50+ KF 50 flange with included stainless steel sealing ring for connecting a withdrawal device including rubber sealing ring. 50mm neck diameter.


AC Transfer hose 1,2m

DN 10


AC Transfer hose 1,8m

DN 10


Cryogenic Hose

3/4'' - 16 UNF internal thread in the form of a union nut, 3/8" NPT external thread.


2x  3/4'' - 16 UNF internal thread in the form of a union nut, 


Customs tariff number: 84811099


Vacuum insulated transfer hose

Vacuum insulated corrugated hose DN10/25

Double hose line

DN 10/DN 25 1.4404,

length: 1.800 - 3,000 mm
Inner hose DN 10 x 3,000 mm with 1-fold braiding 1.4301 highly flexible design
Connections: flared screw connection on both sides stainless steel with union nut 3/4"-16 UNF SW 24 stainless steel with dust cap with super insulation inside and outside free of oil and grease 

Medium: nitrogen
Temp: -196°C
Operating pressure: max. 80 bar

DIN EN ISO 10380SF4 including certificate PED 2014/ 68/EU incl. WAZ 3.1 B for medium-carrying parts

outer tube: Stainless steel corrugated hose DN 25 x approx. 1.800-3,000mm, 1.4404 with simple braiding 1.4301 highly flexible design with vacuum lock KF 16 ISO with blind plugs and clamp Vacuum insulated 10 to the power of minus 5 Nominal bending radius frequent movement 150 mm.
including certificate PED 2014/68/EU


AC Phase separator

Phase separator, large


Phase Separator Large

Phase separator large, connection 3/8"- 70mm x 35mm


Phase Separator Small

Phase separator small, connection 3/8"- 32 x 12.7 mm


Flare nipple for spindle valve

Flare nipple for spindle valve, CGA 295, vent / liquid 3 / 4-16 UNF - 3/8 "made of brass


Flare nipple for spindle valve, CGA 295, vent / liquid 3 / 4-16 UNF - 3/8 "made of stainless steel


Flare nipple for spindle valve, CGA 295, vent / liquid 3 / 4-16 UNF - 1/2 "made of brass


Flare nipple for spindle valve, CGA 295, vent / liquid 3 / 4-16 UNF - 1/2 "made of stainless steel


Safety Valve

Safety valve,

1.5 bar, 22 PSI


6,8bar, 100 PSI


Tower for cryoboxes grid 5x5

Tower for cryoboxes grid 5x5 (single floor security)
13th levels for storing 2ml vials in 5x5 boxes.


  • 13 floors
  • Aluminum 1 mm
  • Locking by means of spring retainer, "snap lock" on each floor
  • Handle
  • Dimensions: H730 x W84 x D84 mm


Tower for cryoboxes grid 10x10

Tower for cryoboxes grid 10x10, (single floor security)
13th levels for storage of 2ml vials in 10x10 boxes.

  • 13 floors
  • Aluminum 1 mm
  • Locking by means of spring retainer, "snap lock" on each floor
  • Handle
  • Dimensions: H730 x W140 x D142 mm


Aluminum vials holder

Aluminum vials holder

PU: 50 pieces for 300 vial




Tinytag Dry Shipper CR-0100 - Data Logger

Tinytag Dry Shipper CR-0100

• Ultra-low temperature data logger
• -196°C nitrogen dry vapour applications
• 252mm probe length
• Digital display
• Visual alarm warnings during transit


Tinytag Dry Shipper is a standalone, ultra-low temperature data logger with an integrated PT1000 probe - for use in cryogenic vessels. Data loggers are an essential tool for monitoring the temperature of clinical samples in transit in nitrogen dry vapour flasks. The Tinytag Dry Shipper data logger is designed to monitor and record temperatures of gametes, embryos and stem cells being transported in the shipper to - 196°C.
Housed in a splashproof IP65 case, the unit can be mounted to the flask’s lid with the probe inserted through an insulating plug into the tank. It has a digital display of current readings and user programmable alarms that will trigger visual warnings when limits have been exceeded during transit. 
The logger uses Tinytag Explorer software for easy download, display and management of data. Information can be displayed in a graph or as a table of readings, and exported for use in third party programs such as MS Excel.


Software starter kit:

The starter package consists of the Explorer software (SWCD-0040), a USB interface cable (CAB-0007-USB) and a quick start guide in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.



Installation of the Datalogger in the middle of the plug the lockable cover is cut in such a way that it can be closed even though the data logger is installed.


This product package contains:

  1. Tinytag Dry Shipper CR-0100
  2. Software starter kit
  3. Installation


 Download data sheet:



AC CryoFill 2.0

The CryoFill 2.0 is the next generation liquid nitrogen level controller with a number of improved and new features. The CryoFill 2.0 is Medical Device Regulation (MDR) (EU) 2017/745 compliant. As well as the ability to have a real time remote read out of relevant data via an alarming and/or monitoring system.

New features:


  • MDR Class IIa medical device.
  • Larger, better and more user friendly 4.3” colour touchscreen display with a resolutions of 480x320
  • Real-time remote read out, compatible with several monitoring systems
  • One Fill All Fill filling sequence
  • (master slave configuration)
  • High temperature control


New: One Fill All Fill (OFAF)

This is a feature for optimizing the filling sequence of multiple cryogenic storage vessels. The controllers are connected with each other using communication cables. The master controller will make sure all the vessels fill in succession, in order to minimize nitrogen consumption.

New: High temperature control

This is a new software feature for controlling the temperature in the neck of the vessel. This feature in intended for situation when work in performed in the neck and the lid is open for a longer period. In case the temperature in the neck starts to rise, the controller injects nitrogen into the vessel, which lowers the temperature in the top of the vessel.


The CryoFill 2.0 can be used for controlling the liquid nitrogen level for any storage type, either conventional gas phase or the so called “dry” gas phase, with an absolute separation between the samples and liquid nitrogen, or full liquid phase. The CryoFill 2.0 can easily retrofitted to existing cryogenic storage vessels of any brand or type.

The CryoFill 2.0 is equipped with the following features and options:


  • User friendly interface
  • Compatible with two measuring standards (pressure differential and 4 point measurement)
  • Two temperature sensors
  • Defog and quick chill functions
  • Hot gas bypass
  • Safety valve, acts as a secondary fill and bypass valve.
  • Unit can be either build onto a vessel or into a cabinet (TW K-series) or into a lid (CBS V- series)
  • Timed filling; Daily fill, weekly fill or fill pulse from cryobank control system
  • Data logging
  • UPS battery back-up
  • Remote real time read out of relevant data via RS485 / RS422


Price including installation on new container.


Download data sheet:




AC Cryolow - liquid nitrogen level detection

Low liquid nitrogen level detection
The CryoLow is a standalone device that can be installed on a (small) cryogenic vessel. The CryoLow has a NTC sensor for liquid nitrogen detection. In case the CryoLow does detect liquid nitrogen it will alarm using the alarm, until the liquid nitrogen level is corrected.
Liquid nitrogen detection

The CryoLow uses a Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) sensor to detect liquid nitrogen. A dedicated hardware circuit is used to read the sensor value. This circuit is calibrated for the specific NTC in order to get an optimal detection point.
This sensor is placed in the vessel at the minimum allowed height of the liquid nitrogen.

The CryoLow has an alarm status LED on the front which indicated whether the liquid nitrogen level is below the set height of the sensor. When the sensor does not detect liquid nitrogen the alarm LED turns on and there will be an audible alarm. The mute button can be used to mute the audible alarm for 4 minutes. There is also an alarm contact available to connect it to an alarm monitoring system. This is a dry contact I/O which can be connected either normally closed or normally open. This alarm contact has an switch delay of 10 minutes.


Download data sheet:



AC Level measuring ruler 100, 100cm

AC Level measuring ruler 100, 100cm


AC Multi Port

AC Multi Port, AC multi port connection 6 * G3 / 8